The Braydog Forum Index!

2017-09-13 18:40:36 by BoxerBraydog

Decided to start a laundry list of the forum threads I've started.



Apple iPhone X ( by @NekoMika because there was already an iPhone x thread, apparently.

Q&Bray ( because I was supposed to keep this to my news posts.

The Newgrounds Battlefield ( because I was supposed to keep it to my news post...even knowing somebody made a forum thread with the same "simulator" concept on the BBS and didn't get locked

The Newgrounds Review Group (deleted) Deleted for the wrong reason...the mod thought that the group would review ng content (a group that already existed), clearly they didn't know that the group was gonna be reviewing MAINSTREAM content instead.


The Forum Story ( sequel thread has been made, this thread is going to be locked quite soon.

Fill in the blank: A _ A Day ( ) has been quiet over the past few weeks. More fill in the blanks coming soon.

Punk Band Names ( become this back and forth band name discussion with @OneThousandMeeps

Clock Crew VS Lock Legion ( ) the thread isn't too big, but @TomFulp chipped in so that's a greatest hit in my book

The Forum Story 2 ( ) This thread has stayed on the front of the community hub for days now...Even BBS Veteran @Fro Pitched in!

UP & COMING THREAD (Ones that have just been made and are waiting to hit the popular status)

Forum Awards? ( )

Will Vine Ever Die? ( )

Kermietnam Collab ( )

Misquote The Person Above You! ( foresee this being my greatest idea on the BBS

This will be updated as time goes on.


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